EVA will support you from start to finish in opening your VR facility in just three months—our turnkey offer includes exclusive games, equipment and structures, plus online booking and support.

Exclusive arcade and free-roaming VR games

EVA offers exclusive content developed by the studio, along with a range of games from our partner publishers, to give you a comprehensive, varied selection:
– VR arcade games
– Free-roaming VR games

The different game types offered by EVA include multiplayer shooters and esports such as AFTER-H, escape games such as INCARNA, and even casual games such as TOP FLOOR to push your fear of heights to the limit!

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Structures, pods and backdrop

Working with hundreds of facilities all over the world, we have designed different pods and free-roaming structures that enable operation in the best possible conditions with an attractive, customizable design.

Our products:

  • – Solo Pod (Arcade VR)
  • – 4-Player Pod (Arcade VR)
  • – Free-roaming facility

All our designs and backdrop can be customized to integrate your brand.

VR equipment

In addition to the games and structures, all the IT and VR equipment required to operate your facility is fully included in our offer:

  • – State-of-the-art VR headsets
  • – VR-ready PCs
  • – Guns and connected accessories

With our turnkey rental offer, there is no need to worry about whether or not your equipment is up to date: EVA guarantees state-of-the-art equipment for maximum appeal to your customers.

Software and equipment support seven days a week

Support is often underestimated by VR arcades. However, a technical problem that prevents operation of your arcade can cause a significant loss of revenue.

That is why EVA provides software and hardware support to guarantee 100% service continuity:

  • Spare equipment on your premises
  • After-sales service on the faulty equipment within one business day
  • Hotline to help you manage your day-to-day business

When you launch your arcade, we also train your operators so they can welcome your customers and manage their experiences in the best way possible. EVA’s team continue to be available at any time after the launch to help your operators in the event of a problem.

Website, booking tool and customer acquisition (coming soon)

The final touch is coming to our offer soon: a dedicated website that presents all your activities, along with an online booking tool. It has been proven that online booking increases the conversion rate by 30%, so it is an absolute MUST-HAVE.

Thanks to our global site listing all the facilities partnered with EVA, we also offer an additional service: customer acquisition via online booking.

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