The ultimate virtual reality experience! Equipped with a backpack PC, you can roam freely around a virtual world from 100 m2 (1,076 ft2) to 3,000 m2 (32,292 ft2)!


EVA not only proposes a free roaming VR experience for the players but also offers a first class sport show for the public. The stadium allows 500 spectators to be able to witness every move the competitors make in the game area by watching their in game actions displayed on the gigantic LED screens hanged above the stadium. Matches will also be streamed live and commented in real time.

from 400 m2 (4,300 ft2) to 3000 m2 (32,000 ft2)


This layout accommodates up to 30 players in areas of up to 3,000 m2 (32,000 ft2)!

It enables competitive player vs player experiences in a huge space, such as a real laser tag experience in virtual reality.

The latest technologies and EVA’s know-hows are put to good effect to offer you this innovative VR playground.

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