After-H – Arcade version

Based on a FPS gameplay, AFTER-H pits teams of 2–8 players against one another in total immersion, equipped with VR headsets and connected guns. They’ve been sent to the planet Mars and are battling it out to take control of the solar system’s resources!
Shooter, Esport VR, 2-8 players, competitive

After-H: Legend of Mars (free roaming over 100 m2/1,076 ft2)

The free roaming, cooperative version of the game After-H.
Equipped with backpack PCs, players can roam freely over 100 m2 (1,076 ft2) for an incredible cooperative experience as they try to save humanity together.

30 min. mission, 4–6 players, 100 m2 (1,076 ft2)

After-H: free roaming playground (coming soon)

Players face off in a vast space of up to 3,000 m2 (32,292 ft2). A real game of laser tag in virtual reality. This ultimate virtual reality experience is part of EVA’s flagship franchise, After-H.

Top Floor

VERTIGO – The experience begins in an elevator that takes you up to the top of a building in Manhattan. Once you reach the top, it’s time to conquer your fears and step onto a girder 300 meters (985 feet) up!


Throw yourself into the jungle at full speed in this addictive reflex game! Jump, bend, dodge and collect coins at the same time! If you liked Temple Run on mobile, you’re going to love Indy Run in VR! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

Zero Gravity

Set out on a realistic experience 400 km (250 miles) above the Earth in the International Space Station (ISS). Gear up and take your first trip into space!

PitStop VR

ARCADE – Head to the pit and get ready to equip the incoming Formula 1 car! You’re on a timer, so you’ve got to be quicker than your competitors!

VR Launcher

To give players as much automony as possible in your arcade, the VR launcher lets users enter a virtual room where they can see all the available games. They can then play and change games without taking off their headset and without an operator’s help.

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